futog cultural centre

13 january children’s choir kolibri

Културни центар „The ‘Mladost’ Cultural Centre was founded in 1974 with the aim of organising cultural life in this local community. The ‘Mladost’ Cultural Centre, in the centre of Futog, has enriched the everyday life of its fellow citizens with its programmes and with the idea of making it a meeting place for people, a place for developing and supporting ideas, projects and art, for more than forty years now. The centre includes a theatre, a gallery, a cinema, and includes an ensemble of folk songs and dances, a tamburitza orchestra and tamburitza school, a modern dance studio, a drama studio, school of English, primary music school, a restaurant and a cafe. Numerous events, festivals, lectures and many other programmes that include the youngest residents of Futog are held here.
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The famous ‘Kolibri’ children choir that was established in 1963 and is part of Radio Television of Serbia, with its distinctive singing culture and catchy interpretation, will perform here within Doček 7528. The
choir has held more than hundred concerts in the country and abroad, participated in radio-dramas, TV shows, series and movies. It released seven audio-cassettes, 19 single and 42 long-play records, as well as 4 CDs with some of our famous pop and rock musicians as authors.