tapan live

kulturni centar lab / 13 january 2020 at 9PM

Tapan, a group from Belgrade, comes to Novi Sad for the first time within Doček 7528.
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Tapan consisted of two producers of electronic music, Nebojša Bogdanović and Goran Simonoski, and later, three more members joined the duo – Jamal Al Kiswani (saxophone), Feđa Franklin (percussionist) and Pavle Rhodes (keyboard). They are the creators of several music projects such as Sound System, Piece of Shh, Brickwall Brigade, etc. It is hard to fit Tapan in a specific genre and they avoid all simple categorisations. It makes connections between electronic sound, jazz and Oriental elements.
They say that their music emerged from emotional approach they try to maintain, and that there is some imaginary or true story that presents the base of each melody. They often improvise during the performance and it seems as an attractive concept that audience is always happy to experience.