irkutsk philharmonic orchestra with solists

snp / velika sala / 13 јаnuary 2020 at 8PM

Governor’s orchestra of the Irkutsk region plays an important role in promotion of classical music and culture of Siberia, and comes to Novi Sad within the spectacular Doček 7528, where it will perform with our soloists including Jadranka Jovanović, Željko Andrić and Ivan Tomašev.

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Philharmonic orchestra from Siberia often performs all around the world, accompanied by famous soloists such as Alexander Rama, Pola Milukova, Sergei Krylov. Lead by Irina Kasyanova, director of the Philharmonic orchestra and Ilmar Lapinsch, artistic director, who is one of the most respected artists in Russia
Russian Philharmonic Orchestra, together with eminent local soloists, will enrich the artistic concept of the grand Doček 7528 and offer an extraordinary experience.

stage design: Milica Stojšić
video edit: Vladimir Samardžić