alice in wonderband, concert RiKa TaKa

pozorište mladih / кamerna scena / 13 јаnuary 2020 at 7PM

Ana Vrbaški and Marko Dinjaški will give an extraordinary performance by connecting traditional Serbian music, as well as melodies of the entire Balkans with body percussion, offering completely new look at the tradition and cultural heritage of the region. They are popular outside the region for reason, thus promoting the Balkan culture in the best possible way. United as the Alice in WonderBand, the two artists who make the core of the band, will captivate Novi Sad audience within the spectacular Doček 7528.

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The fusion of theatre, music, dance and acrobatics presendts something completely new and offers a spontaneous and exciting experience for the audience. Songs from Serbia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Romania, Montenegro and Bosnia, as well as songs of national minorities, performed by Ana and Marko, illustrate the culture in a unique way, thus sharing the geography, history and emotions as well. Two artists attended the classes of some of the most famous percussionists in the world in order to implement these unique performances, and they reveal their talent in Germany, Italy, France, Austria and Turkey. RiKa TaKa, directed by Višnja Obradović, director and actor of the Serbian National Theatre in novi Sad.
RiKa TaKa, perfromance with an unusual name and content and one of the programmes within Doček 7528, will thrill the audience in Novi Sad and offer a different type of entertainment.