tolstojobik jazz quintet

lawyers club of vojvodina/ 13 јаnuary 2020 at 9PM

An interesting performance by TolstoJobik Jazz Quintet gathers five young musicians who will perform during Doček 7528 and cheer up fans of jazz within their rich programme.
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Ljubomir Turajlija, a tenor saxophone virtuoso, graduated from the Amsterdam University of the Arts, and is a member of Big Bend of the Radio-Television Serbia. His colleague Kosta Vukašinović who plays trombone is a member of the same band, and he graduated from the Faculty of Music in Belgrade. Andreja Hristić, a pianist and professor of jazz piano, will feature the performance at the piano. David Gegić, a permanent member of numerous vocal and instrumental jazz and funk bands, will play the double bass. Miloš Grbatinić, another member of the Big Bend, will play drums.
This five-member band will offer a jazz night to remember in an unusual place, in the Lawyers’ Club of Vojvodina and good party for Doček 7528 is promising.