svilara / 13 јаnuary 2020

АBDH Rodrigo Guzman Cazares is a digital artist who comes to Novi Sad within Doček 7528 in order to contribute to the artistic concept of this year’s Doček and introduce himself to fans of visual arts in Novi Sad.
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Rodrigo comes from the chaotic Mexico City, where he finds his inspiration in the middle of crowd and traffic noise. He thinks that living in a multimillion megalopolis is a source of ideas that come from the architecture of the city, street art and digital aesthetics. In his opinion, modern life is a chance for the change and a new point of view from which he sees life and makes the so-called revision of it. Rodrigo deals with the creation of interactive installations that include the interaction with the audience – audio, video, movement and other elements that will certainly impress citizens of Novi Sad and raise the holiday atmosphere to a higher level.