аklea neon

kcns tribina mladih / 13 january 2020 at 8PM

Doček 7528 in Novi Sad will be accompanied by Afro-soul and ethno rhythms and melodies brought by Aklea Neon, a traveling musician and singer-songwriter from Osijek. She ended her first solo tour where she has performed over 50 concerts and has thrilled the audience from Dubrovnik to Berlin. She is known in the media as a fairy of rhythm and beat, which is clearly seen in her distinctive style and songs that are something between reggae rhythm and gentle love tunes.
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Aklea will perform within Doček 7528 before Ljubičice and present songs from her first album ‘Da mi je’, ‘Pola Puta’, ‘What I Want’. She wrote her first single ‘Da mi je’ in Croatia and recorded it in London, as well as the rest of the album. The young artist often travels around the world by motorcycle from where she returns with a lot of attractive video material, which she afterwards transforms into the visual background of her cosmic rhythms.