dom B612

13. јануар: mikula jal besne gliste

Dom B612 in Novi Sad is recognisable as an alternative space where young people gather. The space is completely in charge of young enthusiasts who are the founders of this cultural centre. The cultural centre was created in order to give a support for creative people who need space, who are eager to exchange their ideas and cooperate in order to implement them. In addition to this, the sapce is open for all fans of any type of art and who would like to see and find out something new. The mission of the organisation is to cooperate with people who do not necessarily need to be part of an organisation, but simply have a project they want to implement.
Dom B612 is located in the centre of Novi Sad, in Miletićeva Street no. 4, and it attracts alternative crowd. During Doček 7528, visitors will have a chance to see how it looks when Mikula, Jal and Besne Gliste, who are known for their distinctive style and copyright music, join their forces.