duo nomadiko

spomen zbirka pavla beljanskog / 13 јаnuary 2020 at 7PM

Duo Nomadiko arrives in the rhythm of Russian Roma music and lightens the festive atmosphere in our city within Doček 7528. The duo is composed of Neda Nosović and Ivan Seničić, who convey strong emotions characteristic of Roma music, but also a dose of rebellion and melancholy using their voices and two guitars only.
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For all of you who enjoyed music from the movie ‘Gypsies Are Found near Heaven’ and others, Duo Nomadiko’s performance will be a great treat. The audience in Novi Sad knows them well for their performances in city bars that foster a pleasant atmosphere, and the duo transferred the infectious energy to other cities in our country as well as Montenegro. The interesting thing is that Neda is a self-taught singer of Russian Roma music, as well as Ivan, who himself learned to play guitar and piano. They have also released the ‘Divine Fantasy’ album, which can be listened on ‘Bandcamp’, containing eighteen songs for all fans of strong Roma tunes.