Gerila / 13 january 2020 at 10PM

MKDSL – Mommy Says I’m Beautiful, captures attention first by its name, and the citizens of Novi Sad will have a chance to listen to this witty musician within Doček 7528. The thing that sets this performance apart is the possibility for the audience to leave their wishes and suggestions regarding the repertoire at Milošević, who is hiding behind this interesting pseudonym, is one of the most imaginative composers of the local electronic scene, a producer and DJ who combines DJ sets and live performances, which often ends with a techno ‘after’ party.
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His role models were once Technotronic, Snap and Rambo Amadeus, and today he himself gives music a new look in his performances. Fans of electronic music remember him as the pioneer of electro sound in our country, first in dubstep, a new wave of techno and house and italo disco. The famous Matthew Herbert and Richie Hawtin listened to him with delight.

This versatile artist, musician, actor and performer, who is characterised by his humour, prepares a party to remember in Novi Sad.