13 јanuary: mkdsl

Well-known among fans of gigs, Gerila Bar in the centre of Novi Sad, in Trifkovićev Trg, is the place for people eager for good party during weekends and cosy atmosphere. This pub was founded in 2007, and since 2016, you can find it at the above-mentioned address. The pub became small for everyone who wants to be a part of a good party with quality music, which Gerila is known for. Singer-songwriter and cover bands and DJs who nurture different music genres are reserved for the weekend fever, while visitors will have a chance to attend stand-up evenings, watch games, attend different promotions, quizzes and other programmes on working days.
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Within the rich programme of Doček 7528, Novi Sad fans of electronic sounds will have a chance to hear famous MKDSL (Mama Kaže da Sam Lep), one of the pioneers of local electronic scene, and choose the part of the repertoire themselves.