13 јаnuary: минилинија

A unique, now cult place in Novi Sad that is always a guarantee for a good time is situated in Mite Ružića Street and is well known to our fellow citizens who love good coffee and good parties. And not just that. The ‘Puberaj’ is ‘guarded’ by Barberaj on the left and Feniraj on the right where men and ladies come to spruce up their hair. The hair salon, barber shop and pub, as a unique concept in Novi Sad, provide every guest with superior service in a more than pleasant atmosphere. It is always full of satisfied guests who are always happy to return.
Although having a good time in Puberaj is not new, this time Minilinija, the well-known superband consisting of representatives of cult Belgrade bands, which released their first official single ‘Divan Svet’ last year, will perform here within Doček 7528.