‘lab’ cultural centre

13 january: tapan live

This modernist space, a three-storey villa from 1934, is situated in Dr Hempta Street, just a stone’s throw from Futoški Park. This is where the ‘Lab’ Cultural Centre is located, aiming to become a meeting place and experiment for self-employed professionals, creative groups and companies active in the fields of creative economies, social entrepreneurship and culture.
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It was founded in 2017 and has been considered one of the main gathering places of young people in Novi Sad who are eager for innovative social and artistic practices ever since. The ‘Lab’ operates as a gallery, movie theatre, concert hall, residence, work space or simply a place to enjoy a coffee or a craft beer. Around 500 to 1000 people visit the centre per week, which speaks volumes about its reputation among fellow citizens.
Tapan Live will perform here within Doček 7528. This unusual band that combines electronic music, jazz and eastern elements is coming to the ‘Lab’ to perform their music for the citizens of Novi Sad for the first time and to give them more than just the usual concert.