the reformed church

13 јаnuary: dejan petrović big band

The Reformed Church in Šafarikova Street was built in neo-gothic style to Georg Molnar design, a famous architect from Novi Sad, on the place of former hay market. The construction was completed in 1865. The interesting thing about this building is that there is only one symbol on it – the Bethlehem star on the church bell tower. There is no other sacral symbol on the church because of the Calvin’s principle of avoiding any type of iconography. Sermons and mass are held in Serbian and Hungarian, and the doors are open to all.

Dejan Petrović and Big Band, ambassadors of the Serbian trumpet, will hold a concert here, thus the combination of traditional Serbian sounds with different cultural heritage will be a kind of spectacle and an event not to be missed for Doček 7528.