cinema room / railway station

13. јануар: svemirko

It is quite likely that most of the citizens of Novi Sad are not familiar with the full space capacities of the commonly called ‘Ž. Stanica’, so one of the concerts within Doček will be held in the Cinema Room of the Railway Station. The premises of the station can be used for various cultural and artistic contents, and this time it will be the performance of Svemirko, one of the currently most popular young pop bands in the region. Their music, which often evokes the spirit of the first disco dances, will fit into the retro ambience of the Cinema Room.

It was used for movie projections so that passengers waiting for trains would shorten the time, but today the Cinema Room is hardly used. Svemirko will shake up the atmosphere in this unusual place within Doček 7528 and remind the citizens of Novi Sad of the forgotten space of the famous Railway Station.