radnički dom

13. јануар: kinga głyk

The Svetozar Marković Radnički Dom situated on the Mihajla Pupina Boulevard is another neglected location in Novi Sad that will revive during Doček 7528. It was the building of the Independent Trade Union of Novi Sad and it was built to the great Dragiša Brašovan design, who won the first place for it at the contemporary architecture exhibition in Prague. It was first called Dom Radničke Komore when it was opened in 1931 and was a meeting place for those who protected the rights and moral and material interests of workers in the Kingdom of Yugoslavia.

At this location, the citizens of Novi Sad will have a chance to listen to Kinga Głyk, the currently most popular young artist and internet sensation, who will win over the space and the audience with the sounds of the bass guitar on which she is brilliant.