poštanskа street / 29 december 2020

TKV, the talented young artist from Belgrade, who works in the field of street art by bringing it out to the streets of her city, comes to Novi Sad within spectacular Doček 7528 in order to present her work.

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TKV opens a dialogue with the audience in her own way, with all random and purposeful passers-by in the city streets, constantly changing her expression with the pace of city life. The artist creates pieces by using forgotten artefacts that can both fit into gallery space and street, thus erasing differences between these spaces. Although she presents her concept in the streets of Belgrade for a decade, critiques, fans and people who respect her artistic work always discover and expect to see something new. TKV interprets women that surround her by making them plain and timeless at the same time, describing their essence in her works. This unique artist moves between galleries and street art and always surprises with her original ideas. TKV will make the artistic concept of Doček 7528 in Novi Sad grander.