bebi dol and the belgrade city choir

eđšeg 13 јаnuary 2020

Bebi Dol, the famous singer who marked the pop-rock scene of the former Yugoslavia, one of the most striking appearances of the Serbian music scene known for her specific voice, will perform accompanied with the Belgrade City Choir in Novi Sad within Doček 7528. The mixed choir gathers music fans and nurtures different types of artistic music.
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Bebi Dol has a four-decade long career marked with numerous performances and hits which have remained popular to this day. Songs such as ‘Brazil’, ‘Mustafa’, ‘Hajde da Uzmemo Neki Dobar Auto’, ‘Rudi’ and many more are still listened at good parties.

She began her career in ‘Trakus’ band in the 1970s and then started a solo career and with the first and double single ‘Mustafa’ / ‘Na Planeti Uzdaha’ for PGP RTB achieved great success, so ‘Mustafa’ became the song of the year 1981. Two years later, Bebi Dol receives an award for the ‘Ruže i Krv’ debut album. She participated in Jugovision Contest in 1983 with the hit ‘Rudi’, which ranked seventh in the selection of ‘Pop Rok’ magazine. She spent several years in Egypt where she performed in the elite ‘Sheraton’ hotel, and then inspired by the Orient, the ‘Ins-Allah’ hit won the first prize at Belgrade’s MESAM Music Festival.

Her appearance at the ‘Eurovision Song Contest’ in 1991 is still remembered, when she performed the famous song ‘Brazil’, whose popularity does not seem to be declining to this day. The versatility of Dragana Šarić, what a real name of this eccentric artist is, is told by many interesting details, such as that she was the lead actress in Žika Mitrović’s ‘Protest Album’ movie, that she was a guest on Zdravko Čolić’s tour across the former Yugoslavia, that she appeared in one episode of ‘Lisice’ and ‘Bolji Život’ and many more.

Bebi Dol will perform within Doček 7528 in Novi Sad where the audience is eagerly waiting to see and hear this diva of the Yugoslav scene accompanied with a choir.