cake beats presents zicer inc.

к9 station / 13 јаnuary 2020 at 10PM

Cake Beats, famous in Novi Sad for their recognisable party concept, which is mainly focused on the hip hop sound, i.e. trap genre, will play the music in our city for Doček 7528 as well. Bojan Vuković and Srđan Marjanović took up the challenge to bring this type of music closer to citizens and they have been making it a success for five years, since the first Cake Beats party. Their team became bigger when several DJs joined Bojan and Srđan at their parties.
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Cake Beats presents Zicer for Doček 7528, a hip-hop band consisting of five MCs, a singer and producer and a DJ. The band is focused on hip-hop, but its influence also comes from many other genres such as electronic music in the 90’s or extreme guitar genres from the same period.

The parties gather many young people, and the atmosphere is always hype. Fans of quality hip hop sounds will enjoy another Cake Beats grooving that will be part of the spectacular Doček 7528 in Novi Sad.

stage design: the group of students of bachelor studies of Scene Architecture, Technique and Design from the Faculty of Techical Sciences in Novi Sad and students of bachelor studies of New Media Art from the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad.