goran trajkoski

gimnazija laza kostić / 13 јаnuary 2020 at 8PM

Goran Trajkoski, one of the most important alternative musicians in Macedonia, who has been active at the music scene for more than four decades, performs in Novi Sad within Doček 7528. The genre he deals with is elusive and diverse. He combines punk and dark rock, and so-called doom elements, psychedelic and jazz pieces, firmly based on the orthodox heritage and tradition. The result of this unusual permeation and contradictory elements are the songs that deal with the topics of freedom, death, social situation and universal values that win the crowd.

As the founder and member of some of the most popular dark wave bands in Macedonia, such as ‘Padot na Vizantija’, ‘Aporea’, ‘Anastasija i Mizar’, Goran came a long way over the Balkan ethno, Church Slavonic chant, theatre and music film, which make his rich career. In 2017, he published two albums under his name – ‘Na Svetov Ubavina’ and ‘Tešikot Glas na Novite Himni’, both consisting of songs written for theatre plays. He wrote music for the ‘Pre Kiše’ film, which was awarded with the Golden Lion prize.
It is interesting that this extraordinary artist, musician and songwriter, has never attended the music school. He is famous for fierce energy he conveys during his performances, and citizens of Novi Sad had a chance to hear his songs in their city, and within the ‘Ana Karenina’ play, for which he wrote music for, and which was performed in the ‘Novi Sad Theatre’.