cultural centre of novi sad

13 january: ljubičice / aklea neon

The former ‘Youth Forum’ is the Cultural Centre of Novi Sad today, one of the biggest and most significant cultural institutions in Novi Sad and Vojvodina. It deals with promoting creativity and creating film, scenic, music, literary content and organising forums, projects, actions and manifestations.
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Furthermore, the Cultural Centre of Novi Sad publishes the ‘Polja’ literary magazine and also organizes international festivals such as the Fest, Infant, the Novi Sad Jazz Festival and Euro-In. The Cultural Centre of Novi Sad consists of Cinema Room, Youth Forum Club, Small Art Gallery and Art Gallery. ‘The Goat’s Ears of the Emperor Trojan’ opera for children will be performed in the Cinema Room while the Ljubičice band that became popular for their song ‘Jedva čekamo rat ljudi protiv mašina’ will perform in the Youth Forum Club within Doček 7528.

Doček 7528 in the Cultural Centre of Novi Sad confirms its status in the city and shows its openness for various content as support to cultural and artistic development of Novi Sad.